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Metal mask tension gauge

Inspection and measurement equipment  Metal mask tension gauge

Product Summary

Until now, our company’s screen mask tension gauge STG-75 or STG-80 has also been used for metal mask tension measurement.
However, in the case of STG, the fulcrum at the time of measurement is also located in the metal, and since it is different from the screen, the influence of the metal hardness is large, and accurate measurement values could not be obtained.
The MTG-08A announced this time puts a fulcrum on the outside (frame) of the metal mask, making it possible to measure tension across the ideal plate.
Like the STG series, it is a handy type and easy to handle, with a scale for checking the measurement position as standard.


UseAll metal masks
Measured value displayDigital display
Data outputWith output terminal
Direction of measurementYes
Adaptive frame size (outer)320~480mm320~680mm320~980mm
Measurement load約500g
遊動測定子形状Kamaboko type
Power supplySilver oxide battery
weight(g)About 2100About 2300About 2600
optionPrinter (DP-1VR), signal cable