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Adhesion measuring machine

Inspection and measurement equipment  Adhesion measuring machine TG-300A

Product Summary

Quantify the tackiness (stickiness / stickiness) of the material.
After a measuring element with a certain contact area is pressed against the material with a certain weight and for a certain time, the force at the time of peeling (at peak time) is replaced with a kilogram value, and digitized and judged.
The object is fixed by vacuum. A series of operations from measurement to printout can be performed automatically.


Pressing loadProvisional 770g (free setting)
Pressing timeProvisional 5 seconds (free setting)
Adhesive contact area7.2mm
displaySigned 4-digit LCD
Display valueMeasured peak value at peeling
Power supplyAC100V 5A 50/60Hz
External dimensions300(W)×680(D)×372(H)mm
weight(g)About 20kg