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Viscosity measuring machine

Viscosity measuring machine  Cylindrical rotational viscometer VT-06

Product Summary

VT-06 is used for quality control by viscosity measurement in manufacturing processes such as heavy oil, paints, adhesives, and other food products industries.It is also a viscometer that can measure a wide range of viscosities such as light spindle oil and gear oil as well as hydraulic oil when inspecting construction machinery.
The VT-06 further pursues simple operability, small size and light weight, adopts easy-to-read digital display and ergonomic easy-to-use streamlined design, and realizes less than half the weight of current products.


Measurement rangeNo. 3 rotor 0.3 ~ 13dPa ・ s (combined with No. 3 cup)
No. 1 rotor: 3 to 150 dPa · s (JIS 300 ml beaker is used as a container)
No.2 rotor 100 ~ 4000dPa ・ s (JIS 300ml beaker as container)
Sample volumeNo. 1 and No. 2 rotors: approx. 350 ml (using 300 ml beaker of JIS)
No. 3 rotor 170ml (using No. 3 cup)
Keep the lower end of the rotor about 15mm from the bottom of the cup
Measurement accuracy± 10% of indicated value Reproducibility ± 5%
Rotor speed62.5rpm
Power supplyAA alkaline batteries, Ni-MH rechargeable batteries, AC adapter VA-05J
External dimensions175(H)×77(W)×40(D)mm(Excluding protrusions)
weightAbout 260g(Not including batteries)