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Squeegee hardness tester

Inspection and measurement equipment  Squeegee hardness tester

Product Summary

Used for hardness measurement (durometer hardness test) of various squeegees for rubber and screen printing, and manufactured in accordance with the above-mentioned foreign qualifications and JIS standards.


Compliant standardsJIS K 6253 / JIS K 7215 / ASTM D 2240 / ISO 7619 / ISO 868 / DIN 53505 Conform
Measurement scale0-100 points (262 ° scale)
Minimum scale1 degree (test accuracy ± 1 degree)
Indenter shape35° Truncated cone, end face diameter 0.79mm
Needle height2.50±0.04mm
Pressurizing surface center holeAbout Φ3.2mm
Pressing surface dimensions44(W)×18(D)(mm)
Spring load0Point:0.550mN{56g} 100Point:8.050mN{821g}
External dimensionsAbout 55(W)×30(D)×76(H)(mm)
weightAbout 200g