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Large digital three-point thickness measuring machine MG2500MA

Large digital three-point thickness measuring machine MG-2500MA

Product Summary

This is a three point simultaneous measurement type thickness measuring machine for large screen version (PDP).
High rigidity and high precision black granite is adopted for the main body, contributing to high precision measurement. Compatible with large versions and equipped with a moving roller as standard.


Maximum frame size2500×2500×60t(mm)
Opening dimensions2550(W)×90(H)㎜
Body materialMade of black granite. The special table and table are made of stainless steel.
Minimum display value0.1μm(Submicron display)
Indication accuracy±1μm
Quantization error±1count
Data processingOutput to a dedicated printer
External dimensions2800(W)×2800(D)×1400(H)㎜
Power supplySingle-phase AC100~240V
Air source5kg / c㎡ or more (primary side)