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White photometer TC-6DS/A


Precision whiteness meter, simple and one-touch operation.
This device is the latest model of the photo bolt method.
This instrument is a whiteness meter (ISO brightness) manufactured based on JIS P8148 (ISO2470).
The optical part is a 0°-45 photo bolt system.


・Detection unit: Search unit (integrating sphere method)…………………………….. .1 unit

・Measurement part: Digital display (automatic color) operation switch (push button type) 1 unit

・IO interface: RS-232C (for WINDOWS version computer)..1 each

・Measurement method: Measurement of whiteness using ISO 2470 center wavelength 457 (blue)

・Measurement area: 20mmφ

・Measurement conditions: Diffuse illumination → 0 degree light reception (D-0 degree)

・Operation switch: ZERO・CAL・Standard value setting

・Using voltage: AC-100V 50/60Hz

・Temperature and humidity conditions: 15-30°C 20-80%

・Light source: LED C light/2°

・Detection element: Silicon photodiode

・Accessories: 1 standard white board, 1 black board, 1 instruction manual

・Measurement unit diameter φ80×25mm

・[Measurement part] Width 300 x Depth 300 x Height 175 mm