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Yard lighting fixtures

LED yard lighting equipment JR3230W-02

Product Summary

The thickness of the equipment can be greatly reduced, and the thin design utilizing the features of LEDs will create a new service station image as a future standard model that is environmentally friendly.

Compared to a conventional 400W metal halide lamp (420W power consumption), the electricity bill has been reduced by about 67%, and a long life of 60,00 hours has been achieved.
It can be used safely and safely with two lighting circuits, lightning surge resistance and soft start function.


  • Thin design that takes advantage of LED characteristics.
  • Significant energy saving compared to the conventional metal halide lamp 400W (power consumption 420W).
  • The life of the LED module and LED power supply unit is a whopping 60,000 hours.
  • It can efficiently illuminate the yard area and gain brightness with less power.


Waterproof typeRainproof type(IP23)
specificationBody: Aluminum die casting
Glove: tempered glass
Paint colorwhite
massAbout 10kg
power consumption135W
Instrument luminous flux11,600 lm
Correlated color temperature5,400K (Lunch white)
Average color rendering indexRa70
LED life60,000 hours

Precautions for using LED lighting equipment
* Please read the instruction manual carefully before using the LED lighting equipment and power supply unit.
* LED modules cannot be replaced.
* Lighting equipment has a limited life. After 10 years of installation, internal deterioration has progressed even if there is no abnormality in the appearance. Inspection and replacement are recommended.
* Please note that the color, brightness, and extinction ratio of the same type of device may differ due to the variation in the light color of the LED elements.
* Please do not turn on LED lighting during the day except for temporary lighting confirmation at the time of construction. It may cause short life of the LED or non-lighting.
* The LED continues to decrease its luminous flux even after the end of its service life, but has the property of being hard to turn off. In order to ensure appropriate safety as lighting equipment, it is necessary to replace the ball in the past and replace it properly by managing the use time.
* Values such as luminous flux and illuminance distribution are for reference only and are not guaranteed.
* This specification is as of March 2013. Please note that it is subject to change without notice due to improvements.