Inspection and measurement equipment  Film thickness measuring machine MG-500MC/260AC

Product Summary

Digital thickness measuring machine for film. High rigidity and high precision black granite are used in the body, contributing to high precision measurement with a minimum reading of 0.01μm. In the automatic measurement mode, a series of operations from measurement → print → measurement end can be performed automatically.


format MG-500MC
(Roll to roll type)
(For sheet shape)
Measuring head Type: Laser Hollow Gauge Detector:LGH110
Measuring pressure:About 0.55N Probe:Carbide sphereR5
Display Model:LGH110-EH  display:Minimum display 0.01μm
Tolerance judgment output:Digimatic output、RS232C output
Measurement thickness range 0~10mm
Measurement accuracy(20℃) Within 0.1μm
Repeatability(20℃) Within 0.05μm
Data capture Input tool:IT012U
Measurement data is input to the PC by a switch command. Within 4 seconds from measurement start to “SW” ON to measurement display
Supply of measurement work
(Set on the device)
Manual feed, manual feed, automatic pitch feed measurement possible (optional) Single wafer type, manual feed measurement
Table size Frontage 500mm(Roll width) 500×500mm(Sheet shape)
Gauge block Cera block(With calibration certificate)
Thickness t=1.0mm (Attached as accessories at the time of product delivery)
External dimensions Measuring machine body:720(W)×1105(D)×1330(H)mm Measuring machine body:500(W)×770(D)×1100(H)mm
Power supply AC100V 50/60Hz
Air source About 4~5.5Kg/c㎡
weight(g) About 500Kg About 350Kg