Digital thickness measuring machine MG500PA

Product Summary

Ideal for measuring the thickness of bent materials such as PCB, resin plate, glass plate, metal plate, etc. The thickness of the workpiece is measured by the vertical sensor.
It solves the problem of warpage of the measurement object and the adhesion to the measuring table.


Measurement range 0-12mm thickness 500mm depth
Unit of measurement 1.0μm
Measurement method Sum-difference calculation method using upper and lower sensors
Measurement pressure Can be changed by consultation
Measurement accuracy ±1μm20℃
Upper probe Φ3 ball probe
Lower probe Φ10 one type probe
counter 6 digit LED green display
Printer Thermal line printer
Recording sheet Thermal roll paper: 58mm wide, 48m roll
Air source 3kg / cm² or more
option RS-232C output cable
Power supply input AC100V~240V:50/60Hz
weight About 50kg