Large digital three-point thickness measuring machine MG-3033A

Product Summary

This device was developed to efficiently measure the thickness of the photosensitive emulsion film on large screen masks (PDP plate making).
Improve the existing contact point and measure the contact point only on the front and rear sides of the stencil so that the measurement is not affected even if the frame is slightly distorted, so the correct value can always be obtained efficiently. You.


External dimensions 5600(W)×1200(D)×3800(H)mm
Frame height 2300×3300mm
weight 約1800kg
Power supply 1Φ AC200V 15A
Air source 5kg / c㎡ or more Φ6mmUse urethane tube
Measuring head Ceramic probe Uses three flat universal probes
Motor drive system stroke 80mm
Minimum display value 0.1μm
Indication accuracy ±1μm (20℃)
Head position control Arbitrary setting with touch panel
display Digital display
Body structure Vertical (gate type) type
data communication Output to a dedicated printer
Dedicated interface (optional)
Can be imported into commercial software