Elliptic reflector


Application examples

・ LCD exposure equipment
・ LSI exposure equipment
・ Solar simulator
・ Arc furnace
・ Medical and industrial fiber light source device
・ projector
・ Spectroscopic equipment

  • High light collection efficiency
    Ellipsoidal reflectors can collect at least 80% of the total luminous flux of a light source such as cassenon, and boast a high light collection efficiency not seen with other reflectors.
  • Zero chromatic aberration
    Because it is a reflector, there is no color harvesting. In addition, the use of an aspherical surface called an ellipsoid minimizes other aberrations.
  • Choice of least confusion
    By changing the distance between the first focal point (F 1 ) and the second focal point (F 2 ), the ellipsoidal reflector can free the least circle of confusion at the focal point. Can be selected.
  • Heat-resistant
    Our reflectors are completely annealed, but have no glass breakage. If higher heat resistance is required, a glass material with a low expansion coefficient can be used accordingly.
  • Reflector with protector
    The reflector with protector is made by attaching the A1 plate to the back of the reflector according to the curvature.
    It also increases the mechanical strength, improves the thermal conductivity of the reflector itself, and helps prevent breakage.

Ellipsoidal reflector

Parabolic reflector

Parabolic reflectors collimate light from one point. Parallel incident light can be converged to one point.
An optical element that can convert spherical waves into plane waves and plane waves into spherical waves.

Application examples

・Fusion focusing mirror
・Spectral optics, etc.

Parabolic reflector

High brightness halogen light source device


  • This is a light source device that can observe minute scratches by applying illumination of 400,000Lux (at 30Φ) or more with an illumination light source for scratch inspection of Si wafers and glass surfaces.
  • 1. The sample surface can be illuminated over 400,000Lx.
  • 2. Because the halogen lamp is used as the light source, the color temperature is high, the illuminance unevenness is small, and it is very stable and sharp illumination.
  • 3. The effect of heat is extremely reduced to 1/3 of the conventional aluminum mirror by using a cold mirror.
  • 4. High-intensity observation and low-intensity observation can be performed with one touch by the two-stage switching mechanism.
    YP-150I ・ ・ ・ ・ ・ ・ Illuminance range: 30mmφ
    YP-250I ・ ・ ・ ・ ・ ・ Illuminance range: 60mmφ
    (For YP-250I, propeller fan type and duct fan type can be selected.)


YP-150I YP-250I
Lamp House Department Irradiation diameter 30mmφ 60mmφ
Illumination 400,000Lx or more
Irradiation distance 140mm 220mm
Used lamp Lamp with dichroic mirror
Lamp type name JCR15V150W (Ushio) ELC24V250W (OSRAM)
Lamp life 35-50 hours
Color temperature 3,400K°
Color White
Environmental temperature 0~40℃
cooling method Forced fan cooling
Connection With 12φ installation shaft With 20φ installation shaft
Size 100(W)×245(H)×116(D)mm 120(W)×388(H)×130(D)mm
weight About 1.7 ㎏ About 2.7 ㎏
Power supply part Power supply AC100V 50/60Hz AC100V(200V) 50/60Hz
power consumption About 200W About 350W
Lighting method AC lighting type DC lighting type
Light intensity adjustment Voltage adjustment type
Total change rate 1% MAX (to input, drift, temperature fluctuation)
Environmental temperature 0~40℃
cooling method Natural cooling Forced fan cooling
Size 140(W)×94(H)×185(D)mm 135(W)×72(H)×260(D)mm
weight About 2.4 ㎏ About 2 ㎏
Other Input code:2.0m
Output code:2.5m
Foot switch
Cord length:3.0m
Input code:2.0m
Output code:2.0m
(Built-in soft start circuit)
(Built-in overcurrent protection circuit)
(With digital meter)