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Measures the illuminance of ultraviolet rays.
The UV measurement range of all models is almost the same design, but the light receiving sensor differs depending on the spectral sensitivity.
The unit for comparing light source and light emission inspections is displayed in mW / cm2.
It is suitable for applications such as diazo compounds, polymers, equipment for saturation, bright room film for graphic arts, tanning machines, solariums, sterilizers, and photobiology.


・ Measurement of UV irradiation
・ Comparative measurement of light intensity fluctuation
・ Comparison measurement of existing lamp and new lamp

Commodity composition

Two switch switching (mW / cm2) (but not in UV-A mini), 4-digit display, diode with spectroscopic filter, 9V battery


Product codeModelSpectral sensitivityMaximum value
100002UV-Meter315-420nm, max. 365nm9999
100003UV-Meter-Diazo350-460nm, max.410nm9999
100004UV-A-Meter315-400nm, max.360nm9999
100006UV-B-Meter280-315nm, max.300nm999.9
100008UV-C-Meter230-280nm, max.254nm999.9