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UV intensity meter UVR-300


This product is a handy type digital UV intensity meter equipped with various measurement functions. We have a lineup of 3 types of highly sensitive light receiving parts with different wavelength ranges, and you can select them according to your application. It covers a measurement range of up to 280,000 μW / cm2 and can be used in all fields.


  • Wide range of detection sensitivity: 0.1-280,000 μW / cm2
  • Equipped with various measurement functions: Integrated measurement, deviation measurement, correction count measurement
  • With USB support, it is possible to collect data by connecting to a PC and incorporate it into system equipment.


  • Light intensity measurement in the field of application of photochemical reactions
    • Photolithography process management for semiconductor, liquid crystal, and PCB manufacturing
    • Evaluation and management of photosensitive materials for printing and plate making
    • Evaluation of solar cell characteristics
  • Light intensity measurement in fields including photoelectric reactions
    • Xerographic exposure
    • Xerographic printing
  • Measurement of light intensity in the field of application of synchrotron radiation bioreaction
    • Erythema, pigmentation
    • Treatment of white spot disease, diagnosis of photosensitivity
    • Promotion and management of livestock and fish
    • Control of plant growth and photosynthetic environment management
  • Light intensity management in the field of bactericidal action
    • Food processing
    • Beauty, medical
    • Academic research


Light receiving elementSilicon Hot Diode
Measuring range / mode0.1 to 280,000 μW / cm2 / Auto, manual 4-stage range
Measurement wavelength range220 ~ 300nm310 ~ 400nm360 ~490nm
Oblique incident light characteristics30° : ±3%
60° : ±15%
30° : ±3%
60° : ±10%
30° : ±3%
60° : ±10%
Straightness±5% of rdg. ±1 digit (Auto range)
Measurement functionBasic measurement: Radiant intensity (μW / cm2), Integrated intensity (mj / cm2)
Deviation measurement: Intensity difference (μW / cm2), intensity ratio (%)
Analog signal output0~3V、 1mV/1digit
Power supplyAA batteries x 2 (commercially available) or dedicated AC adapter (optional)
Calibration light sourceGL-15(*1)FL20S・BLB(*1)Standard light source A
Temperature / humidity characteristicsTemperature: Within ± 3% (-10 to 40 ° C 23 ° C standard / Humidity: Within ± 3%)
terms of useTemperature: -10 to 40 ° C / Humidity: 85% R.H. or less (no condensation)
External dimensions (W×D×H)70×33×195mm
mass260g(Including light receiving part and dry battery)
Optional accessoriesAC adapter :ZV-20
Extension cable : ZV-21(2)/ ZV-22(5)/ ZV-23(10)/ ZV-24(20)/ ZV-25(30)
Application software :Bright Loader *Made by Harvey Lab

(*1) Sterilization lamp
(*2) Black light