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・This is a handy type UV measuring instrument with a small, lightweight and thin body.
・Ideal for exposure (irradiation dose) management applications for exposure equipment, ultraviolet conveyors, and various ultraviolet irradiation equipment.
・Real-time measurement of various data such as light intensity measurement, illuminance measurement, peak illuminance, etc. and confirmation after measurement is possible.
・The measurement data can be confirmed remotely by using an optional wireless receiver.
・Measurement data can be transferred to a personal computer using the interface function. (RS-232C, USB, microSD card)
・Measurement can be started / stopped by an external control signal (I / O).
・The measurement wavelength can be selected by replacing the optional receiver. (Conventional receivers can be used continuously with an optional cable.)
・Analog output for recorder is provided.
・In addition to dry batteries, the included AC adapter can be used.
・The case has a robust metal body structure that resists heat.

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Receiver (replaceable)UV-35/UV-35H(UV-SN35,UV-SD35)
Wavelength range310~385nm
IlluminanceUV-35   10μW/c㎡~10W/c㎡
UV-35H 1mW/c㎡~10W/c㎡
Light intensityUV-35   10μJ/c㎡~19999mJ/c㎡
UV-35H 1mJ/c㎡~19999J/c㎡
Alignment accuracyWithin ± 1.5% of our UV standard
Repeat accuracyWithin ± 1.5%
Power supply2 AAA batteries or AC adapter 100-240V
Standard accessoriesUV-25, UV-42 sensors,
Receiver cable, communication cable
Recorder outputDC4000mV / full scale
Dimensions / weightBody 65 (W) × 111 (D) × 16 (H) mm / 160g
Receiver 65 (W) × 35 (D) × 16 (H) mm / 60g

About SD type and SN type

The SD type has been widely used by customers who have been using exposure equipment and irradiation equipment for a long time, ensuring continuity of process management.
SD type is used in the manufacturing process of semiconductor and liquid crystal substrates, and customers who already use illuminance meters made by other companies place importance on ensuring data compatibility with those measuring instruments (projection type even in exposure equipment). SD type is used for exposure equipment and peripheral exposure equipment for liquid crystal substrates), and is recommended for customers who use illuminometers completely newly.

Indication value of SD type and SN type

In order to ensure the compatibility of process data from the past with the SN type, the indication value of the SD type (the 365 nm emission line of the high-pressure mercury lamp used as the calibration radiation source in the measurement group was measured under the same measurement conditions. It is adjusted to display 39% higher than the illuminance value shown at the time: mW / cm2 display.