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UV lamp

List of lamp products

Mercury short arc lamp

Mercury short arc lamps are used in various industries and research fields as a high-efficiency ultraviolet point light source.
In addition, the arc position is highly accurate, and there is no need to readjust the optical system when replacing the lamp. * Made by ORC

Low pressure mercury lamp

Efficiently emits 185nm and 254nm mercury resonance lines and is used for optical cleaning, photoresist ashing and hardening, optical CVD, etc. It is also effective for oxygen decomposition, which is essential for the production of ultrapure water. * Made by ORC

High pressure mercury lamp

Efficiently radiates mercury spectrum from 245nm to 436nm, centering on 365nm. Available in combinations from 30W / cm energy-saving type to 160W / cm ultra-high input type and light emission lengths from 60mm to 1,600mm. * Made by ORC

Super metallux lamp

This is a metal halide lamp based on a high-pressure mercury lamp with halide added to enhance the radiation of 300 to 400 nm. This lamp is ideal for liquid resist exposure and UV ink curing. * Made by ORC

Metallux lamp

The MAX series is a gallium-type metal halide lamp, and is ideal for photoengraving using intense radiation from 400 to 450 nm. * Made by ORC

Capillary tube ultra high pressure mercury lamp

Sharp line light source with instant blinking. There are two types: strong air cooling type and direct water cooling type. The direct water cooling type removes most of the radiant heat by absorbing water, so the temperature rise on the radiated surface can be kept small. * Made by ORC