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Electronic parts・mechanical parts

Electronic parts・mechanical parts

Our company handles electronic parts and mechanical parts. Our policy is to supply customers with cheaper and faster delivery. Of course we will also handle complaints.

After filling in the required information on the fax paper below and sending it to us, we will give you an estimate. We will accept the necessary information by fax or e-mail.
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Major manufacturers

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Domestic semiconductorAsahi Kasei Electronics Co., Ltd., Origin Electric Co., Ltd., QD Laser Co., Ltd., Sanken Electric Co., Ltd., Sanyo Semiconductor Co., Ltd., Shindengen Electric Manufacturing Co., Ltd., Seiko Instruments Inc., Sony Corporation, Toshiba Corporation, Torex Semiconductor Corporation, Nippon Inter Corporation, Panasonic Corporation, Mitsubishi Electric Corporation, Renesas Electronics Corporation, ROHM Co., Ltd.
Overseas semiconductorAllegro MicroSystems, ALTERA, Analog Devices, AuthenTec, Bishay, Cypress Semiconductor, Fairchild Semiconductor, Freescale Semiconductor, Intel, IR (International Rectifier), Lattice Semiconductor, Linear Technology, Maxim Integrated Products, Micron Technology, NXP Semiconductors, ON Semiconductors, Pericom Semiconductor , Rochester Electronics, Skyworks Solutions, SMSC (Standard Microsystems), Texas Instruments, etc. All overseas products
LED/LCDAvago Technologies, Sanyo Electric Co., Ltd., Citizen Electronics Co., Ltd., Sharp Corporation, Stanley Electric Co., Ltd., Hosiden Co., Ltd., ROHM Co., Ltd.
ResistorBI Technologies, Kamaya Electric Co., Ltd., KOA Co., Ltd., Susumu Kogyo Co., Ltd., Takuman Electronics Co., Ltd., Tama Electric Industry Co., Ltd., Teikoku Tsushin Kogyo Co., Ltd., Nippon Resistor Manufacturing Co., Ltd., Nippon Electric Power Co., Ltd. Sancopal Electronics Co., Ltd., Hokuriku Electric Industry Co., Ltd., Murata Manufacturing Co., Ltd., ROHM Co., Ltd.
CapacitorNEC Tokin Co., Ltd., Kyocera Corporation, Sun Electronic Industry Co., Ltd., Sanyo Electric Co., Ltd., Taiyo Yuden Co., Ltd., TDK Corporation, Nichicon Corporation, Nippon Chemi-Con Corporation, Hitachi AIC Co., Ltd. Co., Ltd., Hokuriku Electric Industry Co., Ltd., Matsuo Electric Co., Ltd., MARUWA Co., Ltd., Murata Manufacturing Co., Ltd., Rubycon Co., Ltd.
TranceHALO Electronics, NEC Tokin Corporation, Origin Electric Co., Ltd., Kowa Electronics Industry Co., Ltd., Sumida Electric Co., Ltd., Tamura Manufacturing Co., Ltd., TDK Corporation
Switching Power supplyEater Electric Industry Co., Ltd., Cosel Co., Ltd., Tamura Manufacturing Co., Ltd., TDK-Lambda Co., Ltd., Bellnix Co., Ltd.
transducer/filterNEC Tokin Corporation, Epson Toyocom Corporation, Okaya Electric Industry Co., Ltd., Kyushu Dentsu Co., Ltd., Kyocera Corporation, Citizen Finetech Miyota Corporation, Seiko Instruments Inc., Daishinku Corporation , Tokyo Dempa Co., Ltd., Naka & Company Co., Ltd., Nihon Dempa Kogyo Co., Ltd., Mita Denpa Co., Ltd., Murata Manufacturing Co., Ltd., River Eletech Co., Ltd.
connectorTaisol Electronics, Amphenol Japan Co., Ltd., Iriso Electronics Co., Ltd., SMK Co., Ltd., Mden Musen Kogyo Co., Ltd., Kyoshin Kogyo Co., Ltd., Kyocera Elco Co., Ltd., Kel Co., Ltd., Daiichi Denshi Kogyo Co., Ltd. Co., Ltd., Tyco Electronics Amp Co., Ltd., Tajimi Electronics Co., Ltd., J.S.T. Co., Ltd., Hosiden Co., Ltd., Honda Tsushin Kogyo Co., Ltd., Marushin Electronics Co., Ltd., Yamaichi Electronics Co., Ltd.
encoderKWANGWOO PDF catalog
switchAlps Electric Co., Ltd., Otax Co., Ltd., Sansei Denki Co., Ltd., Sato Parts Co., Ltd., Sunmuron Co., Ltd., Nippon Switch Industry Co., Ltd., Nippon Thermo Co., Ltd., Nidec Copal Electronics Co., Ltd. , Fujisoku Co., Ltd., Hosiden Co., Ltd., Matsuhisa Co., Ltd., Miyama Electric Co., Ltd.
relayIDEC Corporation, Okita Manufacturing Co., Ltd., Omron Corporation
Coil / Buzzer / speakerNEC Tokin Co., Ltd., Sumida Electric Co., Ltd., TDK Corporation, Tokyo Cone Paper Mfg. Co., Ltd., Toko Co., Ltd.
fuseLittelfuse, Uchihashi Estec Co., Ltd., SOC Co., Ltd., Sato Parts Co., Ltd., Daito Tsushinki Co., Ltd., Nippon Seisen Co., Ltd., Fuji Terminal Industry Co., Ltd.
motorOriental Motor Co., Ltd., Sanyo Denki Co., Ltd., Nidec Copal Corporation
Terminal accessories
Oki Electric Cable Co., Ltd., Kyoshin Kogyo Co., Ltd., Koyo Fastener Co., Ltd., Junkosha Co., Ltd., Tochigiya Co., Ltd., Natori Manufacturing Co., Ltd., Bandwit Corporation, Hirosugi Keiki Co., Ltd., Fujikura Ltd., McEight Co., Ltd.
magnetic materials/batteriesVARTA Microbattery, Sanyo Electric Co., Ltd., Seiko Instruments Inc., TDK Corporation, Hitachi Maxell Energy Co., Ltd., Furukawa Electric Co., Ltd.
lampSharp Corporation, Patlite Co., Ltd., Hamai Light Bulb Industry Co., Ltd., Mitsubishi Electric Osram Co., Ltd., ROHM Co., Ltd.
Printed boardKyoden Co., Ltd., Shinwa Print Industry Co., Ltd., TKR Co., Ltd.
wireless moduleE-Globaledge Co., Ltd., d-broad Co., Ltd., Wireless Technology Co., Ltd.
sensorIshizuka Electronics Co., Ltd., AuthenTec, Oizumi Seisakusho Co., Ltd., Keyence Corporation, Shibaura Electronics Co., Ltd., Nikkiso Thermo Co., Ltd., Nidec Copal Electronics Co., Ltd., Wako Tech Co., Ltd.
mechanical partsHayashi Processing Machine Co., Ltd., Kyowa Gear Co., Ltd.