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614Hot Runner System

614Hot Runner System

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External Heating Method

By using electromagnetic induction heating as a heat source, the 614 Hot Runner System becomes applicable to all types of resin.

It is applicable to a wide range of materials including general purpose resin super engineering plastics, ceramics, magnesium and aluminum.

Additionally, it meets a variety of demands such as to reduce the material costs, to shorten preparation and production cycle time and to improve its quality (warpage, voids, etc)

Principles of Electromagnetic Induction Heating

Coil wires carrying high-frequency currents generate electromagnetic radiations. Eddy currents, set up inside the nozzle coiled up by the wires, become a driving force of electric resistance and generate heat.

The electromagnetic induction heating method enables the nozzle directly to be heated without heating the coil wires. Hence it is possible to generate power rapidly available for the hot runner system. A small nozzle can be heated from normal temperature up to 250℃ in approx. 5 seconds.

It is also possible to synchronize with the molding cycle to prevent stringing and drooling.

Features & Structure

The 614 Hot Runner System is designed perfectly to synchronize its molding process although it adopts the complete external heating method.

Nozzle Heat-Up Speed
The small nozzle can be heated from normal temperature up to 250 ℃ in approx. 5 seconds.

Electric Power Saving
Because of the small masses of the nozzle and manifold, required heat usage can be reduced.
The electricity usage is only 20-50% less than that of electric resistance heating systems.

Internal Temperature Averaging
With the system we developed through our own experience and know-how, the internal temperature of the manifold can be freely adjusted.

Little Electrical Problems
The 614 Hot Runner System does not adopt the self-heating method such as electric resistance heating.
Because the coil itself is just to generate Eddy currents, the 614 Hot Runner System makes it possible to reduce troubles such as wiring disconnection even in use at high temperature ranges.

Little Heat Impacts for the Mold Caused by an Air Gap.
There is an air gap placed in the nozzle. Functioning as a heat insulating layer, the air gap suppresses the heat effect on the mold.

Little Pressure Loss and Heat Retention
The 614 Hot Runner System reduces pressure losses inside the system, adopting the external heating method, precise temperature control techniques and a simple structure.

Quick Color and Resin Changing
By adopting the external heating method, there is no part where the resin is left over of a manifold.
This makes it easy to change color and resin.

Compact Size
By using the compact-sized nozzle and manifold, the hot runner system can be utilized without enlarging the mold, which consequently makes it easy to be installed or arranged.

Reliable Gate Sealing
Since the tip of the nozzle directly contacts the cavity, a thin seal is put immediately before the gate to make the sealing process more reliable.

Gate Opening with ΔT-Button Operation
The gate opens quickly in seconds. The ΔT-button is used when the system is in the process of starting up, purging, etc.

2.Nozzle Coil Unit
3.Nozzle Insulation Ring
5.Manifold Insulation Ring
6.Manifold Positioning Pin
7.Manifold Fixing Apparatus

8.Center Insulation Ring
9.Manifold Heating Coil
10.Sprue Bush
11.Nozzle Thermocouple
12.Nozzle Fixing Apparatus
13.Stainless O Ring

Mold parts

The 614 Hot Runner System is compatible with various design patterns of nozzle and manifold to meet the customer’s demands. We offer it as a total system which meets any requirements such as selection of steel materials, need of polishing, type of coating, gate diameter, internal flow path diameter and so on according to used materials and product shapes.

For metal molding

PEEK, PES, LCP, PE, PPE, PBT, PPA, PPS, Plastic bonded magnet compounds (Neodymium, Ferrite, Samarium cobalt), Fluororesin (ETFE, PFA), MIM, CIM, Optical plastics, Biodegradable plastic, Magnesium, Aluminum, Glass fiber, Carbon fiber, Inorganics, Glass beads, Mineral formulation, etc.

Product Line
Automobile parts,Low-current parts,Optical parts,Medical parts,Media parts,Smartphone parts, etc.

Further Advanced Heating Control Devices G-series SK-GIX

With new functions, satisfying control and management become possible on G-series SK-GIX.
A 7-inch-wide touch display is adopted as an LCD screen.
3 languages are equipped in standard (Japanese/English/Chinese).
The CE mark is acquired.

Compact Controller

SK-GIX New Functions