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General-purpose color difference meter Color Ace TC-8600A

High performance, simple, one-touch, most popular

The USB interface allows you to connect it to a computer.


・The optical part is equipped with an integrating sphere system and an excellent tristimulus value filter for outstanding accuracy.

・Simply press the measurement switch to print out the measurement results.


Design department (liquid crystal display available)

  • XYZ automatic standard adjustment
  • Automatic zero point adjustment
  • Display: Digital display, 5 digits 0.00 to 199.99
  • Print: XYZ・Yxy・Lab・⊿L⊿a⊿b⊿E and Lab・⊿L⊿a⊿b⊿E*
  • After automatic standard adjustment operation, measurement start is displayed.
  • Power supply: AC100V ±15% 50/60Hz
  • Light source: Halogen lamp 12V50W 2,000H
    Conditions C light source or D65 light source

You can freely select display items.

You can freely combine display systems.