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Precision spectrophotometric colorimeter TC-1500SX

Precision spectrophotometric colorimeter

With 31 channels of visible light from 400nm to 700nm in 10nm steps, it is surprisingly fast.


・Spectrophotometry is completed instantly and each chromaticity coordinate point is obtained.

・Reflected and transmitted light can be measured using the integrating sphere method.

・Double beam provides excellent long-term stability.

・Ideal for quality control with adapters that match the shape of the sample.

・Operation is automatic and easy.

Optical system of this device

・Design department (liquid crystal display available)

・Spectrometer: Holographic grating spectrometer

・Receiver: Fort diode array

・Optical conditions: Integrating sphere method (150mmφ)

Measurement item

A, C, D65, F6/F8/F10 measurement values for 2° and 10° visual fields using each standard light Metamerism (conditional isochromaticity) measurement tristimulus values X, Y, Z, color coordinate Y, x, y Marcel HVC yellowness Y1, yellowness ⊿Y1, whiteness W, DENSITYLab color system (R.Hunter)
L, a, b ⊿L, ⊿a, ⊿b, ⊿E
L*, u*, v* color system (CIELUV)
L*, u*, v* ⊿L*, ⊿u*, ⊿v*, ⊿E*
L*, a*, b *Color system (CIELAB)

Average value Average value of the above measurement items (100 samples possible)