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LED lamp

LEGA LDT100/200V70N-G

Product Summary

“LEGA LDT100 / 200V70N-G” can use existing mercury lamp lighting equipment (base E39) as it is, just remove existing ballast and replace lamp Can be converted to LED.
Therefore, it is possible to drastically reduce the investment cost of LED conversion. In addition, the brightness is the same as a 200W mercury lamp, and the power consumption is very low at 70W, achieving about 67% energy saving. The rated life is about four times (50,000 hours) that of a mercury lamp, which also contributes to reducing maintenance costs such as lamp replacement.
Furthermore, as a measure against glare unique to LEDs, the light-emitting surface has been diffused to achieve soft light with reduced glare * 1.

* 1 The glare of light that causes the appearance to be reduced, discomfort, and fatigue.


  • Existing lighting equipment for mercury lamps can be used as they are, greatly reducing initial investment in LED conversion
  • Approximately 67% reduction in power consumption while maintaining the same brightness, 4 times the rated life, and economical even after installation
  • Input voltage is 100V / 200V combined (built-in power supply)
  • Realizes soft light with reduced glare on the diffuse light emitting surface


product nameLED lamp
LED lamp
Mercury lamp HF200X
Rated power consumption(W)3070215
Power company
Application input capacity(VA)
Total luminous flux(lm)3,5008,7009,900
Lamp efficiency(lm/W)11612450
Correlated color temperature(K)5,3005,0003,900
Color rendering(Ra)858540
Rated life(h)※240,000(70℃)50,000(60℃)12,000

※2 According to the usable ambient temperature of the mounting equipment.
LEGA LDT100/200V70N-G:(-20~60℃)
LEGA LDT100/200V30N-G:(-20~70℃)