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High-brightness LED panel LP160 series

High-brightness LED panel transmission lighting system LP160 series

We have developed a 160 × 160mm high brightness LED panel.

Thin (35-40mm), high brightness: 20,000cd / m2, illuminance: 60,000Lux, uniformity is 90% or more (9 divisions).

The color temperature of the standard product is 5000K.

Power consumption is reduced by 30% compared to the LPM-S series.

Shapes are available in wide line illumination type and surface illumination type.

We can also manufacture large LED surface lighting by custom order.


■High brightness and high uniform surface illumination

■Power supply available in multi-function type and variable voltage type

■Forced air cooling using fan

■Custom sizes and special shapes are also available

■Providing lighting with a light-emitting surface size suitable for customers by using a 160 x 160 mm LED panel

■Light emitting surface other than standard size can be manufactured

■Emission color is standard color 5000K white, G (green) B (blue), bulb color, high color rendering specification (Ra95) white can also be manufactured


■As backlight illumination, inspection of the appearance of transparent and translucent objects such as glass products and synthetic resin products such as pinholes, bubbles, and foreign substances.

■Inspection light source for LCD inspection process, substrate process, optical characteristic inspection process, lighting inspection process

■Presence inspection, shape inspection, dimensional inspection by silhouette using backlight light

■Inspection of optical films and sheets

■Inspection for camera module evaluation

Light emitting unit specifications

Model nameLP160
Light emitting surface size
LED colorStandard: white (5000K), order colors: green, blue, bulb color, 6500K, high color rendering specification
Exterior materialAluminum / acrylic material (diffusion plate)
Cooling methodForced air cooling (fan)
lifespanRated life 30,000 hours * Not guaranteed
Luminance20,000cd / ㎡ or more
Uniformity90% or more (9 division measurement)
Dimming range0~100%
Operating temperature range0℃~40℃
Operating humidity range20~75%
Storage temperature range-10℃~75℃
Storage humidity range20~75%

Order abbreviation

Set model numberBreakdown model number
LED sectionPower supply partOutput cable

※The cable length is standard 3M. If you need an extension (more than 4M), please indicate the required number of meters, such as -10M, at the end of the model number. The maximum length is up to 10M, but if it is 10M or more, please consult us.
※If you want to make the power supply voltage variable, change H at the end of the set model number to C.
ex)LP160-M-310310H → LP160-H-310310C