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Elliptical reflector Parabolic reflector

Elliptic reflector

Application examples

・ LCD exposure equipment
・ LSI exposure equipment
・ Solar simulator
・ Arc furnace
・ Medical and industrial fiber light source device
・ projector
・ Spectroscopic equipment

  • High light collection efficiency
    Ellipsoidal reflectors can collect at least 80% of the total luminous flux of a light source such as cassenon, and boast a high light collection efficiency not seen with other reflectors.
  • Zero chromatic aberration
    Because it is a reflector, there is no color harvesting. In addition, the use of an aspherical surface called an ellipsoid minimizes other aberrations.
  • Choice of least confusion
    By changing the distance between the first focal point (F ) and the second focal point (F ), the ellipsoidal reflector can free the least circle of confusion at the focal point. Can be selected.
  • Heat-resistant
    Our reflectors are completely annealed, but have no glass breakage. If higher heat resistance is required, a glass material with a low expansion coefficient can be used accordingly.
  • Reflector with protector
    The reflector with protector is made by attaching the A1 plate to the back of the reflector according to the curvature.
    It also increases the mechanical strength, improves the thermal conductivity of the reflector itself, and helps prevent breakage.