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High-brightness LED line lighting system “GLB-H series”

High brightness LED (multi-function type)

“GLB-H series” arranges high brightness LED chips at high density,
High brightness has been achieved by adopting a unique heat dissipation shape.

One power supply can connect up to two light emitting parts (648mm).
(Depending on the capacity of the power supply, 864mm and 1296mm can be connected to one lamp with one power supply.)

Suitable for irradiation over a wide range because of high diffusion efficiency. Brightness is equivalent to a high-intensity fluorescent lamp.


■78KHz PWM dimming multi-function
■Power supply model: RVC60PT100 / RVC60PT200
■Power supply model: RVC60PT100 / RVC60PT200 Input voltage is world wide type from AC100V to 240V
■PWM dimming 78KHz / dimming width 0% ~ 100%

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Other features

■8-bit 256-level dimming / analog 0 to 4.5V dimming / ON-OFF control is possible with an external control terminal
■ON / OFF response speed 100μ / sec typ
■Minimal luminance degradation due to margin design
■The cable length can be extended up to 10m from the power supply to the lighting body.