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・3 wavelength ranges (center wavelengths 254 nm, 365 nm, 405 nm) and temperature measurement by replacing the light receiving part.
・Measurement of illuminance, peak illuminance, integrated light intensity, illuminance distribution, spotlight illuminance, and temperature distribution.
・Illuminance distribution measurement for up to 4 minutes with memory.
・Compatible with extension cable (main body to light receiving part: standard option 2m)
・Auto power ON / OFF switching
・Serial communication function with PC (Supported OS: windowsXP / 2000)
・There is also UIT-250A that can be switched between dry batteries or external power supply (AC adapter).


displayLCD digital display, illuminance 4 digits, integrated light intensity 5 digits
functionReal-time illuminance, peak illuminance, integrated light intensity, illuminance distribution, temperature, three-step range switching, auto power off (5 minutes)
Illuminance distribution outputAnalog 0-1V output
Sample rateRecording time up to 2 or 4 minutes (recorder connection)
16 or 32 samples / second
Communication specificationsCommunication specification: Half duplex
Synchronous method: Asynchronous (asynchronous)
Baud rate: 4800bps (fixed)
Transmission code: ASCII
Data length: 8bit (fixed)
Stop bit: 1
Parity: None
Delimiter: CR
Power supply3 AAA batteries
Analog outputDC1000mV / full scale
Communication outputRS-232C
Standard accessoriesSensor, analog output cord
AC adapter, storage case
Dimensions / weight75 (W) × 160 (D) × 15 (H) mm
Measurement temperature range0~350
Thermoelectric measuresChromel-Alumel wire
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