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・Measurement of two wavelengths (center wavelength 365nm, 405nm) is possible by exchanging the light receiving part.
・Battery or external power supply (AC adapter: optional) switching function
・Compatible with extension cable (main body to light receiving part: standard option 2m)


displayLCD digital display: 4 digits
functionReal-time illuminance and range switching (switching between three levels: H, M, and L)
Sensitivity value (CAL value) adjustment
Metering rangePhotosensitivityMaximum measured valueMinimum resolution
UVD-365PD while using it12.0~150.0μA(W/c㎡)1999mW/c㎡0.01mW/c㎡
UVD-405PD while using it120~1500μA(W/c㎡)199.9mW/c㎡0.001mW/c㎡
Analog outputOutput voltage 1.999V (at full scale)
Output impedance: 2kΩ or less
Response speed about 50msec
Power supplyExternal power supply with 3 AAA batteries or AC adapter (selectable with power switch)
・When using batteries: Continuous operation is possible for about 45 hours under normal use.
・AC adapter is optional