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・Light intensity and illuminance meter that simultaneously measures and stores light intensity and illuminance
・UV illumination and light intensity can be measured at the same time.
・Data such as light intensity measurement, illuminance measurement, and peak illuminance can be stored in memory during measurement and confirmed after measurement.
・Measurement data can be transferred to a PC via an interface function.
・Measurement of a measuring instrument can be started and stopped by an external control signal.
・Illuminance data can be analog output.
・The measurement wavelength can be selected by replacing the photodetector (sensor).
・The case has a metal body that is resistant to UV rays and heat.
・The receiver and the main unit can be directly connected. Of course, the main unit and receiver can be separated by a sensor cable for measurement.



Photoreceptor (replaceable)UV-35UV-35H
Peak sensitivity wavelength310~385nm
Measured illuminance range10μ ~ 1W/c㎡1m ~ 10W/c㎡
Light intensity range1m ~ 19999J/c㎡
Alignment accuracyWithin ±1.5% of our UV standard
Repeat accuracyWithin ± 1.5
Analog outputDC2000mV full scale
OptionReceiver UV-25, Receiver UV-42
Communication cable (for PC connection)
Wireless receiver