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UV-LED irradiator 8332C

UV-LED irradiator 8332C

“Spot type UV-LED irradiator 8332C”
The long-awaited new model of the spot type UV-LED irradiator is now available!


・Easy operation of high-performance head
ON / OFF independent control of 4 heads and time irradiation are possible with one unit.
The 8332A head can also be used by using a conversion cable.

・Achieves high irradiance of 18,000 mW / cm2 * 1
Achieves high power by adopting high power LED and original optical design
・Prepare a wide range of wavelengths
Selectable from 280nm, 365nm, 385nm, 405nm

・Low power consumption of 25W, long life of 20,000 hours * 2
The running cost can be significantly reduced compared to the lamp type * 3
・Equipped with I / O port and RS-232C communication
Irradiation pattern can be controlled by external control

* 1 When using 365nm, φ3mm spot lens, WD: 5.5mm, medium radiant flux rank LED
* 2 Excluding 280 nm
* 3 Comparison with lamp-type light sources purchased by our company (according to our research in January 2021)
Power consumption: This product is 25W, lamp type 200W. Light source life: 20,000 hours for this product Lamp type 2,000 hours

Irradiation variations to meet diverse needs

・The optimum head can be selected according to the installation environment.
“Standard head” that demonstrates stable performance with a housing design that has excellent heat dissipation

Lightweight and compact design, “small head” that can be installed in a small space *
* When fixing the small head, please use the attached mounting jig.

・Selectable from 4 types of wavelengths according to the work

・The optimum irradiation form can be selected according to the bonding conditions.
“Spot lens” that realizes optimum irradiation with 6 spot sizes

“Line lens” that realizes optimum irradiation with three line sizes

Combination example

8332A head can also be used by using a conversion cable

Product specifications / model

Model name8332C
Irradiation methodTimer irradiationDimming value (1-100%), irradiation time (0.1-999 seconds)
Constant irradiationDimming value (1 to 100%), irradiation time is determined by an external signal
Control communication
I / O inputIrradiation ON / OFF (response speed 20ms), data bank switching, interlock
I / O outputIrradiation status output, warning output, error output
RS 232CIrradiation control, parameter setting and reading
Worker detectionHead connection, circuit short circuit / disconnection, temperature abnormality
Display methodDigital display
Number of irradiation output ports4
Input voltageInput voltage AC100-240V S0 / 60Hz (including AC adapter)
power consumption25Wmax.
cooling methodNatural air cooling (no fan)
Vibration (tolerance)10-150Hz, acceleration: 50m / s 2 , single amplitude 0.35mm x / y / z direction 10 times / 8 minutes
Impact (resistant)Height 1.5m, 3 times in each direction (up / down, left / right, front / back, 45 ° degrees)
Ambient temperature rangeUse: + 5 ° C to + 40 ° C Storage: -15 ° C to + 65 ° C (no condensation or freezing)
Ambient humidity range20-85% (no condensation, no freezing)
MaterialSteel plate
mass750g (excluding AC adapter and head)
accessoriesAC adapter type, foot switch, protective glasses, instruction manual
CE markingSafety standard: EN60950-1 compliant
EMC standard: EN55032, EN61000-3-2, EN61000-3-3, EN55024 compliant
Environmental regulation: RoHS compliant


Model nameAC8375-***(Standard head)AC8366-***(Small head)※1
Allowable curve radius of cable30mm
MaterialCopper, aluminum, glass
mass150g(Includes mounting jig)

* 1. When fixing the small head, use the attached mounting j