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UV-LED irradiation device

UV-LED irradiation device

It has curing performance equivalent to the output of the conventional UV lamp device (160W / cm), and can be expected to cure general UV ink, which is considered difficult with conventional UV-LED. Although it is high-powered, it is an air-cooled type that does not require cooling water, so it can reduce initial capital investment for chillers.

Line up

Flash length 240/360 / 480mm


Peak illuminance 7W / cm2
Long life Expected life (15000 hours)
Reduce electricity costs by 60% with low power


No need for piping work and space saving


Various variations are available upon request
Peak emission wavelength 365nm / 385nm selectable
Instrument exhaust direction selectable
Monitoring and interlocking with RS-485 communication


Easy replacement and cleaning of major parts

basic specifications

cooling methodAir cooling
Peak emission wavelength365nm
Peak illuminance※7000mW/cm2(W.D=1mm)
LED Expected life15,000 hours
Input powerAC180 ~ 242V 50/60Hz 1φ
functionUV irradiation / Stop Maintenance parts management Anomaly detection

※Measurement condition measuring equipment:UV Power Pack II(Measurement area:UVA) Ambient temperature:25°C

Examples of ink curing at customers