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Small UV conveyor

Small UV conveyor


Various reflection mirror units are available, so you can select them according to the material and shape of the irradiated object.
By installing a heat ray cut filter (quartz plate or cold filter) and a work cooling unit (air pipe method or cooling fan method), the irradiation surface can be lowered. (option)


Model QRM-2288-N QRM-2288-P QRM-2288-W
Lamp type High pressure mercury lamp High pressure mercury lamp Metal halide lamp High pressure mercury lamp
format HHL-2000/C-FS HHL-4000/C-FS SMX-3000/E-FS HHM-3000/E-FS
output 2KW 4KW 3KW 3KW
Luminous length 250mm 500mm 250mm
cooling Forced air cooling
Reflection mirror Cold mirror focusing and diffusion Cold mirror condensing
filter Optional quartz plate, cold filter
Irradiation distance 120-220mm variable
Effective irradiation width Aluminum condensing approximately 100mm, diffusion approximately 180mm Cold mirror condensing approximately 80mm, diffusion approximately 180mm Approximately 80mm (parallel to the lamp) Approximately 200mm (right angle to the lamp)
Conveyor speed 0.3~3m/min
Belt material SUSBelt
Path line 750mm
Power supply 1ø200V 20A 50/60Hz 1ø200V 30A 50/60Hz
External dimensions W1,400×D450×H1,170 W1,600×D450×H1,775 W1,300×D560×H1,170
weight 200kg 250kg 270kg