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Nitrogen purge type small conveyor

Nitrogen purge type small conveyor CSN2-40

UV curable resins cause curing inhibition by oxygen in the atmosphere. The effect of inhibiting oxygen inhibition in UV irradiation under inert gas without oxygen has been known for a long time.
CSN2-40 has been developed so that it can be offered at a lower price than conventional nitrogen purge UV devices due to its mass production effect.



①Resin can be cured in a nitrogen purge atmosphere or normal atmosphere.
②Experiments can be performed in a low oxygen atmosphere with low nitrogen consumption.
③Experiments can be performed over a wide range of light conditions despite its compact size.
④Since an inverter type power supply is used, experiments under stable light conditions are possible.
⑤Digital display of transport speed, UV output and oxygen concentration.
⑥The device automatically controls the set parameters.
⑦An oxygen sensor for indoor monitoring is provided as standard to prevent oxygen deficiency and can be used safely.

basic specifications

UV lampMercury lamp or metal halide lamp
Lamp output1kW to 4kW stepless volume adjustment
UV irradiation equipmentCold mirror (condensing type)
Irradiated objectW220 × L320 × T2mm (A4 size) Weight 500g or less
Irradiation distanceFixed 80mm from the bottom of the UV irradiation device to the conveyor surface
Transport systemTransfer speed: 5 to 90m / min
Opening height: 5mm fixed
Aperture width: 240mm (effective irradiation range 200mm)
In-furnace oxygen sensor0.1 to 25% measurement (overall accuracy ± 1% FS)
Oxygen sensor1 location included
Device exterior colorJapan Paint Industry Association A22-90B semi-gloss (cream)
Estimated quality250kg
usage environmentTemperature: 5-40 ° C
Humidity: 85% or less (no condensation)
Power supply200VAC(190~230VAC)
3-phase 50/60Hz 7.5kVA
Nitrogen pressure0.5MPa 50L/min(MAX)
exhaustφ100mm 約4m3/min

※Since some ozone is discharged, please discharge it outdoors.
※The exhaust duct from the equipment exhaust port should be constructed by the customer.