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Handy UV300W

UV irradiation equipment UV100W / 300W

Electronic power supply series
An electronic power supply model has been added to the compact UV irradiation lamp series.
Significantly lighter weight by computerization of power supply (about 1/4 of our company)


Lamp house
Lightness that can be handled with one hand
Compact shape with good handling
Easy grip
High-class stainless steel hairline body

Power supply unit
Electronic lighting circuit
Smaller & lighter
Energy saving by improving power factor
Intuitive operation panel


UV curing of adhesives, resists, coatings, inks, paints, etc.

basic specifications

Handy UV100WHandy UV300W
lampHigh pressure UV lamp
mirrorAluminum mirror
Lighting methodElectronic
Input powerAC100V~220V※1
50/60Hz Shared
weight (kg)3.0
Power factor ※20.99

※1 AC125V ~ is an optional specification.
※2 At the time of AC100V input.
500W, 800W and 1200W models can also be manufactured. Please contact us.

Illuminance measurement

Lamp: Handy UV300W HUV-300
Illuminance meter: Our illuminance meter UV-SN35 sensor
Measurement main wavelength: 365nm
Unit: mW / cm2
Area: 300mm x 300mm
Irradiation distance: 100mm, 200mm, 300mm

Illuminance change with irradiation distance