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Handy UV-100W

Handy UV-100W

It is a small and lightweight UV irradiation device that can be used at 100V, suitable for UV curing of adhesives, resins, resists, coating agents, inks, paints, etc. A significant reduction in weight has been achieved through the use of electronic power supplies. (Approx. 1/4 of our company)


Used lampHigh pressure UV lamp
Lamp output100W
Lampweight (kg):0.8
Size (mm):W140×D80×H220
mirror:Aluminum mirror
Power supplyLighting method:Electronic
Input power:AC100V~220V※1 50/60Hz Shared
Size (mm):W140×D320×H90
Power factor ※2:0.99

【UV equipment inquiry sheet】※Please download and use it.

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