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Handy UV300-500-800

Handy UV300-500-800


It is a small irradiation device that cures and dries UV resin and UV resin of adhesive by UV irradiation.

Compact and lightweight, it can be moved easily and is ideal for experiments.

Since the input power supply is 100V, UV irradiation is possible anywhere.

It can be used in combination with various units according to the purpose.

■Basic unit
Lamp house unit and power supply unit
Lamp: High pressure mercury lamp 300W, 500W, 800W
Reflection mirror: Cold mirror condensing, diffusion selection
Filter: quartz plate, cold filter (optional)


Product name Handy UV-300 Handy UV-500 Handy UV-800
format QRU-2161-F QRU-2161-E QRU-2161-D
Used lamp High pressure mercury lamp
High pressure mercury lamp
High pressure mercury lamp
Lamp output 300W 500W 800W
Lamp emission length 60mm 60mm 100mm
Lamp cooling Air-cooled exhaust Air-cooled exhaust Air-cooled exhaust
Reflection mirror Aluminum condensing, diffusion Cold mirror condensing, diffusion (selection)
Filter (heat cut) Quartz plate, cold filter (single-sided vapor deposition, double-sided vapor deposition) * Option
Irradiation area 130×130mm 130×130mm 120×130mm
Power supply AC100V 50/60Hz 10A AC100V 50/60Hz 15A AC100V 50/60Hz 15A
External dimensions
Lamp house unit
Power supply unit
Lamp house unit
Power supply unit
about 3.5Kg
about 15Kg
about 3.5Kg
about 18Kg

■Various units・・・option
・Lamphouse stand
・Pull-out irradiation table box
・Conveyor unit with elevator
(※300, 500, 800W common)

Pull-out irradiation table box

Irradiation table dimensions120×150mm
Maximum workpiece dimensionsW120×D150×H100mm
Power supplyAC100V 50/60Hz 3A
(Work cooling fan)
External dimensionsW224×D270×H218mm
weightabout 3Kg

Conveyor unit with elevator

Belt width160mm
Input voltageSingle-phase 100V 50/60Hz
Input current3A
Irradiation distance120×220mm
Conveyor speed0.2~20.m/min
Work size100×100min(W×H)
Conveyor methodSUS belt
Equipment dimensionsW820×D345×H393.5
weightadout 20Kg

【UV equipment inquiry sheet】※Please download and use it.

Inquiry sheet download