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For label printing

For label printing UV irradiation equipment

This is a shutter-type irradiator and an inverter-type power supply unit that was developed for label printing.
By using an extruded aluminum alloy on the exterior, it has a stylish appearance, and when combined with an inverter type power supply, it has achieved a significant space saving compared to a conventional copper iron type power supply.


①Aluminum alloy extruded material is used for the exterior. The aluminum alloy part is anodized and has a beautiful appearance.
② By using a lot of aluminum in the internal heat shield unit, both the interior and exterior are more rustproof than steel plates.
* Excluding FA type
③The use of a pull-out reflector unit greatly improves lamp replacement and reflector maintenance.
④When combined with an inverter power supply, multiple lights can be installed in the same installation space as a conventional copper-iron power supply.
* Separate blower installation space is required.

For label printing UV irradiation equipment
For label printing UV irradiation equipment

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