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UV-LED irradiation system

UV-LED irradiation system

High power and high accuracy UV system enabled by high power LED.
A UV intensity of 1000mW / cm can be manufactured.


Instantaneous lighting control is possible with 1% output adjustment, ON / OFF switch, sensor, etc.
Since the spectrum does not include infrared rays, the effect on the workpiece can be suppressed.
Compared to the lamp type, it has a much longer life, so the running cost can be reduced.
Combinations of 365nm, 385nm, 405nm and multiple elements are also possible.
In addition to the conventional line type, the irradiation range / shape can be manufactured for surface irradiation (□ 100mm or more).
Air-cooled type / high power water-cooled type can be selected.

basic specifications

methodForced air cooling line irradiation type
Rated power supplyAC100V/2A 50/60Hz
Peak wavelength365± 3nm
UV effective irradiation area10×60nm
UV initial illumination500mW/cm2
Dimensions / massIrradiation unit W105×D55×H110 / 1.1kg
Power supply unit W450×D130×H250 / 7/9kg

【UV equipment inquiry sheet】※Please download and use it.

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