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Small conveyor integrated type

Small conveyor integrated type

Compact and lightweight UV irradiation device ideal for UV curing experiments!
The J-Cure 1500 series is an ultraviolet irradiation device designed to efficiently irradiate ultraviolet rays with a wavelength of 250 to 420 nm using a metal halide lamp or a mercury lamp.
There are two types: conveyor type and irradiation box type, and you can select the model according to your purpose.
It supports a wide range of applications such as adhesive curing, insulating varnish resin curing, and curing for paint pretreatment.


The small conveyor integrated type can be used for curing in a continuous small process.The conveyor speed can be varied from 1m to 10m, and it can be adapted to the application.

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basic specifications

Power supply partElectronic ballast
Power frequency50/60Hz Shared
Lamp inputDimmable continuously from 1kW to 1.5kW
Metal halide lampMJ-1500L Luminous length 125nm
Mercury lampHJ-1500L Luminous length 125nm

【UV equipment inquiry sheet】※Please download and use it.

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