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LED lighting system for stereo microscope “HDW90 series”

Selectable emission color Normal white and eye-friendly bulb color

The HDW90 series can be mounted on stereo microscopes around the world.
Two types of ring inner diameter, 55mmφ and 60mmφ, are available in white and bulb colors.

The light bulb color has a smaller wavelength of blue light than white light, so it reduces eye strain due to observation during long-term work or detailed work.


■Attach to each company’s stereo microscope by 3-point clamp
■High illuminance type using 54 LED balls
■Emitting colors available: normal white and eye-friendly bulb color
■30,000 hours long life (not guaranteed)
■30% to 100% dimming by volume
■Flickerless dimming also supports image processing

Applications / Actual examples

Precision parts inspection, jig inspection, IC board inspection, liquid crystal display inspection, jewelry inspection, lamp filament inspection, ITV production line management and academic use, physiology, anatomy, dentistry, physics and chemistry, agriculture, agriculture, forestry, fisheries and livestock For testing and research. The light bulb color was produced because customers using white LEDs were looking for eye-friendly lighting.

Model number / brand name


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