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Compatible with mainstream high-power UV-LEDs Widely compatible with various UV-LEDs in the UVA band Flat spectral response characteristics
Calibration for each wavelength to achieve high-accuracy measurement Dedicated UV-LED calibration that enables high-accuracy measurement Calibration system traceable to national standards

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Sensitivity wavelength range230~280nm
Measurement range [illuminance]0.1~20,000 mW/㎠
Measurement range [light intensity]0.1~19,999,000 mJ/㎠
Operating ambient temperature10~60℃
Alignment accuracyWithin + 1.5% of our UV standard
Power supply2 AA batteries or 100 to 240 VAC
Control signalRS-232C
Recorder outputDC1000 mV/fc
Receiver code length1.5m
Light receiving diameterφ1mm
SizeUV-LED01 W71×D151×H29mm
UV-LED-CS01 W20×D30×H10mm
weightUV-LED01 130g
UV-LED-CS01 57g

Relative spectral response (typical)

Receiver size