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UV thin illuminance meter UIT-θ365

The world’s thinnest UV thin illuminance meter UIT-θ365


・Realizes the world’s thinnest, 4.9mm
・Logging measurement (wireless) and real-time measurement with one unit
・Efficiently capture obliquely incident light.
・Achieves high repeatability of measured values even with diffuse continuous light
・Can be used repeatedly by charging
・UV coating for optical film applications (hard coat film for touch panels, etc.)
・UV bonding for precision optical components (such as pickup lenses for Blu-ray discs)
・UV curing for printing (offset and digital) applications (outdoor signboards, wrapping baths, etc.)

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Absolute value calibration wavelength365nm
Sensitivity wavelength345nm~385nm
External dimensions (mm)90 (91) * 3 × 25 × 4.9
Power supplyReal-time measurement: USB bus power
Logging measurement: Lithium secondary battery※4
Measurement target exampleLED, metal halide lamp, high-pressure UV lamp, etc.

 ※3 () When the USB cover is attached。
 ※4 Batteries are built into the main unit。
 Charging is performed by connecting to the USB port of the PC via the main unit interface.